Abstract Submission

Dear Authors,
We invite you to submit abstracts for consideration in the upcoming Balkanlight 2024 to be held on 28-29 November 2024. Submissions should adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Authors: Include all authors' names, affiliations, emails, and institutions (addresses). Clearly indicate the corresponding author with an asterisk (*)  for correspondence.
2. Title: Compose a concise and informative title that reflects the essence of your research.
3. Background: Provide a brief background to contextualize your study. Clearly state the problem, knowledge gap, or research question that your work aims to address. Highlight the significance and relevance of your research within the broader field.
4. Methods: Describe the methods employed in your study, emphasizing key experimental or analytical procedures. Ensure clarity to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of your research methodology.
5. Expected Results: Outline the anticipated results and their potential implications. Clearly state how your findings contribute to advancing knowledge in the field. If applicable, discuss the practical applications or broader implications of your research.
6. Word Limit: Ensure that your abstract does not exceed 1000 words with a minimum of 250 words. Concisely present your research, focusing on essential details to convey your work's significance and potential impact.

*Please upload your abstract in WORD or PDF format, avoiding tables and figures. 

Submission Deadline: The deadline for abstract submission is 15th April 2024.
Submission Process: Abstracts must be submitted through the abstract submission system. 
Review Process: All submitted abstracts will undergo a peer-review process by the paper committee. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the corresponding author by 6th May 2024.
We look forward to receiving your abstracts and, upon acceptance, welcoming you to share your research at Balkanlight 2024.

Balkanlight 2024 Organizing Committee